Following my posting and video on the public leadership deficit, BNET journalist Phil Dobbie called me from Australia to discuss how the issue is having impact on elections in New South Wales.

In Phil’s view: “NSW goes to the polls this week with the choice between one of the most unpopular Labor governments ever, and an opposition with policies that feel like they’ve been dreamt up on the fly.”

Phil’s view is that Australia faces a particularly deep crisis of public leadership, which we discussed in the interview. The interview is embedded in the below widget. Just click “play”!

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  1. I love the idea that those younger should involve public sector to serve people first. So they will have the idea what people really want. Then optimized his or her specialties and interests in a certain industry. However, in some countries, it is even harder for a younger to enter public sector because of the bureaucracy or some other reason you mentioned before.

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