Nice article today in the International Herald Tribune on Angel Cabrera, a friend who, as president of the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona, has been pushing an ethics oath for business school students.

Angel Cabrera Ld

The oath:

Students at Thunderbird have voted to adopt a Professional Oath of Honor, which they helped formulate. Graduating students pledge to act with honesty and integrity, oppose corruption and exploitation, and create “sustainable prosperity worldwide.”

The rationale:

If executives are to have a functioning moral compass, Cabrera said, business schools have an important role to play.

“You may be taught right and wrong at home, like not poking someone in the eye, but you certainly don’t have conversations at the dinner table about stock options and backdating them, and is that good or is that bad,” Cabrera said.

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  1. Thank you Tom for blogging this story and helping spread the word of a good cause. And thank you for your support to this initiative all along!!!! Merci mon ami! –A