I run the regional [email protected] team at Ogilvy & Mather Asia-Pacific. Our team is a highly dynamic, entrepreneurial and creative group specialized in helping companies understand, strategize and execute in social media. Team members include the 448th person to join Facebook, a YouTube music star, a former professional football (soccer to you) player and an iPhone hacker. This video is intended to lay out the case why this year’s WPP fellows should consider coming out to join us. The rapid growth and success of our team has been fueled by the dynamism, intelligence and sense of fun brought by the series of fellows we have had so far. We have won more social media awards than any other agency in APAC and were featured in a video made by Facebook about one of our campaigns: www.facebook.com Due to the nature of this team, there is a real opportunity for fellows to conceive, develop and own key parts of a next generation agency. Please do not take my word for it. Ask our former fellows. For those who do not understand: WPP fellows are a group high-talent young individuals who are paid for by WPP, but able to work in any company owned by the group. If interested, you should apply. There is no age, professional or background limitation. It is a great progam: www.wpp.com

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