Thanks to a chance encounter with Jimmy Buffett in the Paris newsroom of the International Herald Tribune last May, I convinced him to come out to Hong Kong on January 18 to give a charity concert for the FCC Charity Fund.

The fund, which I co-founded a few years ago, raises money to educate the children from Hong Kong’s Po Leung Kuk orphange.

Jimmy has generously agreed to donate his time and been extremely involved in the event. Held in the Hong Kong Football Club, it is sure to be a great event, so spread the word book your tickets soon!

UPDATE: The concert sold out within weeks of tickets going on sale and without any publicity! We’re looking forward to showing Jimmy around Hong Kong.

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Jimmy Buffett in Aid of the Hong Kong’s Neediest Children

HONG KONG: Jimmy Buffett, the famed and much loved musician of such hits as Margaritaville, Cheeseburger in Paradise and Come Monday, will make his Hong Kong debut with an intimate one night only charity concert on January 18 at the Sport’s Hall of Hong Kong Football Club.

The concert will benefit the Foreign Correspondents’ Club Language Training Centre that teaches English and Mandarin to 300 children aged 2 to 18 who are in residential care at the Po Leung Kuk Orphanage.

Known for upbeat songs extolling island escapism, Buffett and his Coral Reefer Band will perform those songs that his fans, affectionately known as Parrotheads, flock to his sold-out concerts to hear. Jimmy has recorded more than forty records, most of which have gone gold, platinum or multi-platinum, and as a best-selling author, he is the sixth author in the history of the New York Times Bestseller List to have reached #1 on both their fiction and non-fiction lists.

For tickets, please contact Sandy Chan @2521 1511 or banquet_ mgr @

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  1. Excellent! Jimmy has been doing a number of charitable shows lately and has been doing smaller shows in places unaccustomed to hearing him (Paris and Anguilla for instance). It’s a good trend, and while it leaves some of the entrenched fanbase (what we jokingly refer to as the GOP’s or Grumpy Old Parrotheads who have never evolved past the albums that Jimmy did when he was in his 20’s) behind these shows also provide an opportunity for folks to see Jimmy who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. That, and the shows outside the USA take us back to a day when Jimmy sang about travel, adventure, and a little mischief. All a good thing in my book.

  2. I would more think that these newer shows would be more appreciated by the Grumpy Old Parrotheads.

  3. I am proud of you for doing this ……..I am a person that believes any kindness we can show others, whether it be for a short time or a lifetime is how we should live…..Jimmy have great holidays and a Happy Birthday this year……..Clara

  4. thomascrampton

    By the way, the concert tickets are 1,500 hong kong dollars, not US dollars!!

  5. Lime_Guy

    1500 HK dollars = 192.41 US Dollars (at current exchange rate)

  6. Being a mom to 2 wonderful girls adopted from China, I am so happy to hear of this charity event. There are thousands of little girls in orphanages in China who need our help. FCC is a great organization. Thank you!

  7. Romney'08

    I spent a lot of time in Hong Kong-I don’t know if Jimmy has ever been there or not, but I know he’ll love it. And they’ll love him.
    This is a great thing Jimmy is doing. They can say what they want to about him being all about money, but the man has a heart bigger than himself.
    AND he has 30-plus EXCELLENT albums out too.

  8. Chris Lynn

    PLEASE! Parrothead fan living here in Bangkok Thailand, who has never seen the great and magnanimous Jimmy B just found out about the concert in HK. I am desperately trying to get hold of a ticket for this concert. PLEASE get in touch. I know they are all sold-out — Sandy Chan just replied to my e-mail asking if she had any left… HELP PLEASE!!

  9. Meg

    Hey im a ph from the US..but yeah JB is great to see live. definitely. but Im sure there are some tickets floating around..good luck and have fun for those who are going!!! :)

  10. rod donnelly

    i am a super keen fan from australia ,would be a dream come true if jimmy decided to tour downunder again i’m not the only one here thinking this any ideas on how i might achieve this

  11. JB

    With you Rod. Keep heading south Jimmy… starting with Perth

  12. Bill Jordan

    Hong Kong Football coach at HKIS
    Looking to buy some Jimmy buffet tickets.
    call me 2813-6570
    Your rewards will be many

  13. Andy Kish

    Need two tickets and will pay top dollar. Please call me at 9571-9169.

  14. Mark Law

    Dear Thomas Crampton,

    Kudos to you and what you are doing with the organization, I hope this event will bring some much needed funds to your charity work. I have known Jimmy for many years (that is…in my mind …after so many concerts and songs learned, growing up in So.Florida), and it does not at all surprise me that he has taken to your charity work. He is an inspiration and a captain to us all. I wish you and your patrons good luck, you should be in for a life changing experince.

    I personally just moved to Hong Kong from Atlanta, GA USA, on Dec 31st. ATL is one of a few parrothead headquarters, which for many years has housed the multi-day feasts we call buffet parties (concerts), where parrotheads from all around come to gather and make a huge paved parking lot into a mix of a beach/ resort/carnival, and for just a few moments forget about the issues of the world a bask in the warmth of the key west sun (rain or shine). Soooo many warm memories this brings to me…. most I can’t really recall to say the truth… but I know I was there (atleast pictures seem to prove it)!

    Unfortunatley, for me an my wife, hearing of Jimmy coming to Hong Kong, just a couple of days ago (of course being new here we did not know anything), was an unbelievable combination of ecstatic euphoria, the one that reassured us that our move to HK had been the right choice; and then seconds later filled our hearts with a dreadful sadness, after finding out it was sold out (how crule life can be I thought- I thought it was meant to be-what a tease).

    Now, after a short bout of unconsolable depression, I am back at work and as any true parrothead would do, I plan to get stinking drunk on Friday. And as I sip on a beer, do shots of tequila, and sit over a BBQ and prepare the most succulent of dinners (a juicy cheeseburger), with my beautiful wife and listen to our old records/CD/itunes (yeah, I have records…), we will sit and with a slight grin, solemnly rekindle the Floridays in our minds… atleast the ones we can remember.

    Best of Luck to all you Hong Kong Parrotheads!… anda great big welcome, to those of you who will be baptised anew on Friday!

    As a great poet once wrote:
    …some of it’s magic, some of it’s tragic
    But I had a good life all the way

    …. I guess I have had my share of good

    Best Wishes from Mark And Dawn

    PS: Jimmy if you are availble feel free to call I will be glad to buy you a beer and just shoot the $%@*, if just for a while! Call us anytime 6074-3515.

  15. Mark W

    Yeah have been a JB fan for years. There are many of us in Australia especially Perth. Come on down.

  16. larry snow

    I am visiting from Atlanta, Ga. It woud have been a treat to see Jimmy in HK. If I had only known I would have bought tickets when available.
    It will be a great time

  17. Mark Law

    Dear Mr Thomas Crampton,

    Made it to the show, by some act of God… The show was a class act! as was Jimmy. YOu and your team did a tremendous job….

    Best Regards!