Snips from conversations in the hallways and remarkable live blogging in English of the Chinese-only proceedings by John Kennedy at the Chinese Blogger Con 2007 here in Beijing. Rebecca Mackinnon (from whose blog I borrowed the below photo) is here and will no doubt be blogging as well. Update: David Feng at Blognation has done some great postings.


Conversation on China’s blogosphere can turn against foreign brands
Foreign companies can quickly turn into targets of attack in the China’s blogosphere, as Dell learned.

Chinese prefer anonymity
Unlike the US and much of Europe, where blogs dominate, a good deal of China’s conversations – on brands and other topics – take place in bulletin board services that allow a slightly higher level of anonymity than blogs.

Internet cafes dominates
Unlike other parts of the world where people use computers at home, many of China’s Internet users in second tier and third tier cities use Internet cafes. These are environments that tend to be easier to control than individual users at home.

With Wikipedia blocked, a domestic commercial alternative thrives
Launched in July 2005, Dr. Pan Haidong, CEO and founder of, told the conference his company has the largest Chinese-language wiki in the world, with 2,000,000 articles, 5,000,000 edits and 20,200,000,000 Chinese characters. (from John’s live blogging)

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