Internet and mobile entrepreneur Gulay Ozkan shared her thoughts on Social Media in Turkey and then was generous enough to invite me to speak at the university class she teaches.

Social Media is a very hot topic at the moment as it brings freedom to a culture that traditionally is shy, Gulay said. The open and free communication form offered by Social Media is very appealing to the Turkey’s young people.

This is particularly relevant in Turkey, where 70 percent of the population is under 35.

Facebook is by far the most popular social network in Turkey (third largest Facebook country in the world), but recently Twitter and personal blogs have gained in popularity.

Turkey’s mobile penetration is larger than Internet penetration, which means that people increasingly access their social networks from mobile phones. This is a trend that will grow even more in the near future, Gulay said.

As a young and emerging country, Turkey is a unique model for other countries in the region. And although YouTube is currently banned, Gulay believes that Turkey will continue to open up to the new form of communication. It just takes a little time, she said.

Interestingly, you CAN see YouTube on an iPhone and every student in Gulay’s class knew how to get around the block using DNS switching.

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