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Needed: "An Inconvenient Truth" for Water

Watch out Al Gore! I heard a fascinating presentation from the Chairman of Nestlé, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, on the global water crisis. Not since seeing Gore present an early version of the presentation that became An Inconvenient Truth have I seen an environmental issue presented in such a compelling and urgent manner. For context, this was

Youth in the Middle East

The future of youth in the Middle East is a fascinating topic of tremendous importance for the Middle East and also the world. The statistics are quite shocking. Below a few notes from preparations for a workshop I am running at the World Economic Forum meeting in Jordan. These are taken from an excellent recent

Radio Free Europe declares me a Davos depressive

I had a good Davos wrap-up conversation with Ronald Synovitz of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. He concluded – correctly – that I came out of the meeting with a fairly depressed view of the state of the world. I found my breakfast with Shimon Peres particularly depressing. The feeling was that the economic crisis will