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Infographic: China's Social Media Evolution

Six months ago Ogilvy’s China social media team created an infographic to show some of the local platforms thriving in place of the major international equivalents. Since then, new social media platforms have become relevant – on both sides of the Great Firewall – and so the team reworked the infographic. They have also widened

Social Media in China: Why and How

This quick overview of why and how companies have used Social Media to engage with China’s online culture was written by Andrea Fenn, a Shanghai-based member of Ogilvy’s social media team. A version of this was published the February Shanghai Business Review. By Andrea Fenn When in the mid-2000s automobile brands like Volkswagen or Honda

Job: Social Media Strategy in Malaysia

As ever, our APAC social media team is in perpetual recruitment mode for great people. In particular, our Malaysia office is now looking for a great manager-level person for social media. Details below! Manager (360⁰ Digital Influence Division) The incumbent is someone who is interested in engaging people online, knows that listening is the first