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Teens now drive Indonesia's mobile phone market

With mobile phones coming to Indonesia before everyone had landlines, Southeast Asia’s most populous nation leapfrogged into the mobile era. By 2005 only a quarter of Indonesian homes had landlines, while mobile penetration stood at 20 percent. Now, five years later, more than half the population has mobile phones and the number of landlines has

Group Buying: Australia Loves Bargains

Group buying sites in Australia have grown from virtually nothing to a sector likely to generate more than AU $100m per year, according to a recent report in The Australian. Nielsen recently gave an overview of this fast-growing sector, including the above chart. Recent news highlights: In January, Yahoo!7 Acquired Spreets for $40m. Cudo are

Online Reviewers: Chinese Criticize, Koreans Praise

I have long been obsessed with differences between online cultures, so was very interested by a study from Nielsen that aims to quantify negativity of online reviewers across Asia. Their conclusion, that Chinese are more negative than anyone else in Asia, will not surprise anyone familiar with Chinese social media. Comments written by Chinese online