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US Govt Polls Asian Journalists about Obama

Are you a journalist in Asia? Obama wants to hear from you! The US State Department has started looking for feedback from journalists in Asia about Obama’s speech tomorrow. (No pressure, Mr. Speechwriter!) Here’s the email that has been sent to local media in Hong Kong. What do you think?Seeking your reaction to President Obama’s

President Oba Mao Heads to China

China is gearing up for Barack Obama’s upcoming visit. As pictures from Wen Xue City show, the T-shirt vendors are already warmed up, Mr President! (While in Ireland this summer, people referred to the US President as O’Bama, as in O’Brien.) My question: Will Obama meet with his half-brother Mark Ndesandjo who lives in Shenzhen?

Rumors: Obama's China and Japan ambassadors

Chris Nelson of Samuels International has the latest rumors on Obama’s appointments for China and Japan ambassadorships: Many Loyal Readers ask who we are hearing for Obama’s Ambassador to China, now that it does appear the candidates for Japan have been narrowed to Joe Nye and Joe Nye. If Harvard Prof. Nye is formally offered,