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Travis Katz: What MySpace offers brands internationally

Recently caught up with Travis Katz, who heads international development for MySpace, to hear about what MySpace offers to brands looking at global campaigns. Speaking on the sidelines of Le Web, Travis describes in below video what MySpace offers brands looking to grow in international markets. Main MySpace advantages: – Large audience – Immersive and

Scoble and Ouriel Summarize Le Web

Top bloggers Robert Scoble and Ouriel Ohayon summarize the Le Web conference as we leave in a dark taxi after we have all had a few (too many) drinks. Among the points raised: – French have better wine than Californians (Scoble). – European startup pitches are just as boring as pitches in the US. –

Danny Kim: Korea tech trends

Danny Kim of Technokimchi, a Korean tech blog, describes a few trends in Korea while at Le Web in Paris. Among them: Blogging and the rise of online influence on national politics as well as a decline of power for Cyworld. Cyworld, a once-mighty social network to which most South Korean youth were members, has