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Scoble and Ouriel Summarize Le Web

Top bloggers Robert Scoble and Ouriel Ohayon summarize the Le Web conference as we leave in a dark taxi after we have all had a few (too many) drinks. Among the points raised: – French have better wine than Californians (Scoble). – European startup pitches are just as boring as pitches in the US. –

Danny Kim: Korea tech trends

Danny Kim of Technokimchi, a Korean tech blog, describes a few trends in Korea while at Le Web in Paris. Among them: Blogging and the rise of online influence on national politics as well as a decline of power for Cyworld. Cyworld, a once-mighty social network to which most South Korean youth were members, has

Le Web: 36 seconds of Zen

As Arrington and Loic exchange insults about Michael’s on stage behavior at Le Web, here is a moment of harmony brought to the event by Italy Talgam conducting the entire group in a round of Frere Jacques. Not entirely in tune, but “A” for effort.