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The Internet Is Making Us Stupid

In late October I debate against the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, arguing that the Internet is making us stupid. My other adversary is Kaiser Kuo, now working for Baidu, while Jeremy O’Grady of The Week, will be in my corner. The pressure is on, with CNN writing about the debate. Any thoughts welcome!!

Kaiser Kuo: Digital China's social hotspots

Where do China’s digital gatherings take place? I recently discussed this with Kaiser Kuo, Group Director of Ogilvy China’s Digital Strategy and author of China Digital Watch blog. Summarized here (video below). Same, Same, but DifferentTo Kaiser, every country clearly has its own Internet and digital culture. While there are superficial similarities between China and

Semi-Suicidal Parkour in Beijing

Cool video of semi-suicidal Parkouristes in Beijing. (I think all Parkouristes are semi-suicidal!) Cultural tidbit: Parkour is translated to Chinese as “Pao Ku” (跑酷 - literally, “running cool.”) For those unfamiliar with this dangerous yet nifty youth/urban trend, here’s an edited version of the Wikipedia take (I have tried to make it more broadly understandable):