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Foursquare China Clone: Jie Pang

Like many other foreign Social Media platforms, Foursquare is blocked in China. (Check out Herdict to see what is blocked.) The result is that people visiting with a non-China phone, such as me, can easily become mayor of many locations. That said, there are locally created options for people in China who are eager to

Social Media: Chinese Love To Engage

OgilvyOne Connected View more presentations from Ogilvy China.  My colleagues in OgilvyOne China recently released OgilvyOne Connected, a report that may surprise those not aware of the incredible levels of engagement within China’s Social Media. The intention was to look at how Chinese consumers use Social Media to interact, both with each other and with

In Chinese, Twitter Actually Means "Blog"

Thanks to the Chinese language, Twitter in China has quite a different meaning. Not literally, of course. In fact, Twitter has pretty much no meaning to the vast majority of Chinese Internet users. Along with a range of other prominent foreign-owned Social Media sites, Twitter is blocked by the government’s Great Firewall. (In addition to