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Can you trust the Davos crowd?

A study by Edelman PR showed that trust is hitting an all time in many institutions. This video includes quick discussions with: Jeff Jarvis – who thinks that the Davos crowd really does not appreciate how much trust in them has slipped. Richard Edelman of Edelman PR – describes the details of the report. Lionel

Advertising-supported Toilet Paper

One great pleasure of Davos and DLD this year was hanging out with uber-blogger Jeff Jarvis. He has a great sense of humor, outlook and fantastic new book that I read on the flight back to Hong Kong: What Would Google Do? In his book, Jeff does an intellectual road test of what a variety

Jeff Jarvis: What would Google Do?

In this video, leading new media thinker Jeff Jarvis speaks about some of the key themes in his book, What Would Google Do, which will be launched this Tuesday. Jarvis says that all companies need to start thinking more about what Google would do to their industry, and this includes industries as “old-line” as car