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China and Iran Lead World in Blocking Web 2.0

Herdict, an Internet censorship tracking service launched by Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, has started aggregating their user-reported Internet blockages. Iran and China stand out in the reported number of blockages of Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube. Interestingly, Mexico has quite a few blockages as well. Check out the site for more detailed

Oiwan Lam: China's 50-cent Twitter Censors

The Chinese government hires a small army of freelance censors to manipulate opinion in chatrooms, blogs and now even Twitter, Oiwan Lam, a prominent Chinese-language blogger currently writing for Global Voices and Inmediahk, says in this video. Some of Oiwan’s friends have done stints as online censors, getting paid 50 cents per comment, to earn