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Three Kingdoms of China's Internet

While China’s Internet is already dominated by power players in a way that the US Internet is not, investment bank CLSA sees further consolidation through lose alliances. A recent report by the investment bank describes the evolution of China’s Internet as a sort of “Three Kingdoms”, the classic piece of literature about the fluid alliances

Jeff Jarvis: What would Google Do?

In this video, leading new media thinker Jeff Jarvis speaks about some of the key themes in his book, What Would Google Do, which will be launched this Tuesday. Jarvis says that all companies need to start thinking more about what Google would do to their industry, and this includes industries as “old-line” as car

Google Street View comes to HK

A few minutes ago, just above Lan Kwai Fung, I spotted a silver Prius with an odd contraption on the roof and Google stickers on the door. Looks like Google Street View will be coming soon to Hong Kong. I took great pleasure in photographing the Google Street View car, which was presumably photographing me.

Google Suggest across 9 languages

Do Google’s search suggestions vary by country and language? Blogger Akky Akimoto compiled the above table suggested by Google across 9 languages when you type in a single letter. (See Akky’s blog for a more readable version) A – Amusing examples“a” – “Amazon” in English, German, Italian and Korean. In French, however, it suggests “ANPE”,