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Email Bankruptcy Averted

As we head into the new year’s eve 2014, I am feeling good about my email for the first time in years. Thanks to friendly advice from Esther Dyson, I have managed to avoid declaring email bankruptcy and reached an empty inbox. Email Bankruptcy, for those fortunate who may be unaware of the meaning, is

Congrats to Dopplr on the New Round

Dopplr, an online service that helps frequent traveling friends meet one another, just announced a second financing round. Those joining include Esther Dyson, Tyler Brûlé, Thomas Glocer, Yat Siu, Aditya dev Sood, Lars Hinrichs, Joshua Schachter, Brian Behlendorf, Ami Hasan, Daniel Sachs, Joshua Cooper Ramo, Kim Weckström, and Azeem Azhar. Saul Klein, who invested in