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Group Buying: Australia Loves Bargains

Group buying sites in Australia have grown from virtually nothing to a sector likely to generate more than AU $100m per year, according to a recent report in The Australian. Nielsen recently gave an overview of this fast-growing sector, including the above chart. Recent news highlights: In January, Yahoo!7 Acquired Spreets for $40m. Cudo are

Mondays at 5pm: Australians Go Online

Nielsen recently released their latest look at the Internet in Australia. Interestingly, Australian online engagement peaks on Mondays and the peak time (all days) is 5pm. While the trough of engagement on Saturdays reflects my personal Internet habits, I was surprised by the peak on Monday. Perhaps people catching up on email (and gossip from

Trusting Google and Facebook with Privacy

While in Australia last week, I spoke with Phil Dobbie from the Twisted Wire blog on ZDNet.com.au about privacy in the era of Google and Facebook. Here’s is the podcast Phil produced from our discussion. Those quoted in the podcase include:Stilgherrian, a ZDNet Australia blogger who quit Facebook last weekThomas Crampton, Asia-Pac director of 360