Infographic: Social Media Equivalents in Korea

Please enjoy this chart of Social Media Equivalents for South Korea, produced by our team in Seoul. I have already publishedthe Social Media equivalents charts we produced about: Vietnam, Japan and China. Inspired by our work in Asia, a non-Ogilvy bulls-eye was produced about Hungary. There are more on the way.

As always, feedback welcome on these infographics. The ecosystems move so quickly.

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  2. Josanku

    You missed 'Wagle at ' the Twitter in Korea, with emphasis on personal network based on phone address book. A User will have followers and followings instantly when he/she subscribe to Wagle. Users will enjoy Tweeting with friends and family who they used to have phone call and texting. It will be evolved an open system for continuous expanding of its universe.

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  4. Awoutz

    Hi Thomas,

    I'm very interested by your graph, do you have more (except China, Korea, Japan and Hungria)
    I would also appreciate a lot a bigger photo size for Korea (I can't read it)
    Could you send me this by email ? [email protected]:disqus .com


  5. Phoebe Le


    I also would like a better quality version of the Korean graph. Please email it to [email protected]. Thank you so much.

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  7. Thanks for also including S. Korea in this fascinating social perspective. With the HUGE rise in smartphone users and the apps that go along with it in SK and Asia, a smartphone app category would be an interesting addition to your graph. Also for the Instant Messaging category, KakaoTalk should definitely be added. Thanks for a great read!

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