Some slides from a presentation I did recently on Social Media in Asia. I may pull them out one at a time to encourage people to give their take and input. (But feel free to comment below!)

UPDATE: Yes, as a number of people in China pointed out, the slide showing Social Networks of China is somewhat out of date. Facebook was already small in the stats I showed. The numbers I had were from February 2008, when 400,000 people were using the site. (Facebook is the only social network not to scale. If done to scale, we would have to show it as a single pixel!) The Chinese government’s blockage of Facebook has driven usage down to the small number of people willing to set up an Internet tunnel to the Internet outside of China. According to a report by Loretta Chao in The Wall Street Journal in October, just 14,000 people were using the site.

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  1. jwagstaff

    Good stuff, Tom. I think Facebook has already overtaken Friendster in the Philippines in slide 8.

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  3. Interesting deck – re Thailand: it is interesting to see just how close Microsoft search is to Google and the sheer growth of the country's Facebook userbase (up 588% Jan-Sep '09) which is set to overtake Hi5 soon.

  4. @Jon: Very interesting! Do you have any stats or research reference to that?

  5. Jon

    FB stat based on official numbers, Windows vs Google based on Alexa top 100 in Thailand – no numerical data as yet (working on it). More info is here