AFP: "Asians muscling into social media world"

Last week at the Social Media World Forum in Singapore, Philip Lim of Agence France-Presse did a series of interviews, including one with me, about Social Media in Asia.

The original AFP article, picked up by the Jakarta Globe, Channel News Asia, Yahoo News Asia and others, included a number of stats and other interesting points, excerpted below.

– As of December 2009, China had 221 million bloggers or more than twice the number in the United States, according to Nielsen.

– Nearly three out of five people in Singapore having a Facebook account

– Crampton noted that Facebook’s ranking of leading markets showed Indonesia was already a close third behind the United States and Britain in monthly active subscribers — and poised to take second spot within months.

– Data from market research firm Inside Network estimated that monthly active Asia-Pacific users of Facebook numbered 117 million, or more than 20 percent of the global figure.

– “Twitter users in Asia, mainly located in Japan, Indonesia and South Korea, account for 37 percent of tweets,” said Semiocast, Internet research company Semiocast, which studied 2.9 million tweets over a period of 24 hours on June 22. It said US-generated tweets now account for only 25 percent of messages on Twitter, down from 30 percent in March.

– Data from research firm Forrester showed Chinese, South Korean, Japanese and Australians creating video, music and text content for social media at a much higher rate than Americans did last year.

– Despite China’s ban on Facebook and Twitter, the nation still boasts the largest number of social media users in any country thanks to locally-developed substitutes, the Hong Kong-based Crampton said. “What has happened as a result is that domestic players have arrived, and these domestic players are the rough equivalents of what is happening internationally,” he added. He cited Chinese video-sharing website YouKu and social networking site Qzone as “being one hundred percent replacements” for foreign sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

AFTERTHOUGHT: In the article I am quoted as “social media guru Thomas Crampton,” which is not a title I would claim! Social media is moving too quickly for anyone to understand, much less become a “guru”. At best, I consider myself an enthusiastic student of social media.

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  1. It said US-generated tweets now account for only 25 percent of messages on Twitter, down from 30 percent in March.