Seedcamp, a UK-based event/fund intended to encourage and support very early stage startup ventures, will come to Singapore on October 5.

Launched by Saul Klein, Seedcamp is a micro-seed fund that invests in very early stage Internet technology companies that aim to change their  markets in a big way.

Seedcamp is committed to connecting entrepreneurs and the brightest mentors of the local and international technology scene.

Startups and mentors join together for a day of intense support, feedback and mentoring sessions. Companies are heavily encouraged to apply. Seedcamp is looking for small teams that have a prototype or early product developed and are looking to take the next steps.

Seedcamp has proven its model all over Europe over the last few years and are beginning to dabble in a few new markets – after South Africa in August, Seedcamp Singapore is the second Seedcamp event outside of Europe.

If you are the founders of a company – early stage internet technology companies looking to scale – consider applying!

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