Yohei Kawakami

For over ten years, Yohei has provided corporate and product public relations services to both Japanese and foreign firms from the agency side. His specialty is the provision of a wholesome PR program, ranging from planning and development of PR plan, consultation on execution strategy, PR consultation, and program execution.

Yohei also leads the Digital Influence Program at OgilvyPR in Tokyo, and has a wealth of knowledge in implementing Digital PR programs to B2B and B2C clients in the automobile, tourist, and game industries.

When Yohei joined Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide (Japan) K.K. in September 2006, he continued to provide PR support for Dell and Lenovo Japan. Furthermore, while he has provided corporate and product PR services for Silicon Image and leads the global practice of “Digital Influence” in Japan, implementing marketing activities through social media.

Prior to Ogilvy, Yohei worked at PPR agency, OZMA PR. He has expensive experience through various clients including IBM Japan, where he was responsible for the planning, development and implementation of the entire personal computing division of ThinkPad. When Lenovo announced the buy-out of the PC division from IBM, Yohei provided additional support for IBM’s corporate PR and contributed to a smooth launch of Lenovo Japan’s business.

Furthermore, Yohei worked for Bridgestone’s corporate, product and motor sport PR. Yohei was responsible for handling the crises communication when Bridgestone announced the recall of tires and factory caught fire in the US.

Yohei graduated from Faculty of Commerce at Keio University.

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