Victor Koo

Internet veteran Victor Koo served as president, one of China’s leading online platforms, before leaving to co-found video website Youku in 2006. (Youku means “what’s best and what’s cool” in Chinese.)

Having grown Sohu from a start-up to one of China’s largest Internet properties, Koo brought great experience to the online video business and grew Youku to more than 150 million unique visits per month. In late 2010, Koo successfully initiated Youku’s IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, raising $203m.

So where did Mr. Koo come from?

Born in Hong Kong, educated in Australia and the United States, Koo has lived in China since 1994. He is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley and Stanford Business School where he entered the MBA program while working for Bain and Co.

According to Stanford Business Magazine, Koo credits the university for much of his later success. The free and open business environment gave him the opportunity to talk to and learn from many entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. “This is one of the key reasons I have stayed and thrived in entrepreneurial companies since I graduated,” Koo said.

Check out Youku here.

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