Ross Dunkley

A brash and veteran newspaperman of greater Indo-China, Dunkley has headed the launch of publications including the Vietnam Investment Review, Myanmar Times (English and Burmese-language editions) as well as the conversion of The Phnom Penh Post into a daily newspaper. (Planned for August 2008)

Dunkley often has strong views and has never been known to hold them silently.

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  2. Fergie

    When the name Ross Dunkley came up today [arrested in Burma] the name seemed familiar, but I had to look him up.

    Australia is a long way from the rest of the world, and we are few in number, but a few Australians are quietly changing the world and, in some cases, making a splash.

    Look at Ross Dunkley – and Wikileaks!

  3. Franklin

    I personally don't believe Ross possess those things. I think he caught because of business conflict of interest among his shareholder. FREE Him!!!!!

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