Nguyen Quynh Trang

Since joining T&A Ogilvy in 2008, Trang has quickly demonstrated her capability and competence in the areas of PR and account management.

After more than 2 years and a half working in the Client Services department, Trang is now independently responsible for leading a group of 6 experts to serve technology clients, including well-known brand names Canon, Orange France Telecom, APC by Schneider Electric, LG, Yahoo!, Kingston, Bosch, UPS, etc.

As the Practice Head, Trang is proficient in writing, active in building media relations, research, production skills as well as experienced in developing PR programs and Consultancy. In addition to account management, Trang is also involved in new business development and Practice development at T&A Ogilvy.

Trang is sociable and dynamic in while having proved to be responsible and hard working in every work assignment.

Trang holds a Bachelors Degree in International Economics from the Diplomacy Academy of Vietnam. T&A Ogilvy was her first choice after graduation but prior to that, Trang had actively been involved in diverse work experiences from several part-time jobs in educational organizations and other marketing companies

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