Jonathan Nguyen

Jonathan is a member of Ogilvy’s 360 Digital Influence team in Sydney.

Jonathan has had a long and sometimes tumultuous relationship with the Internet stretching back before the dot com crash. He was recruited by Concert Global Networks in 2000 to manage Australian clients of its software as a service implementation of Commerce One, called MarketSite. This was a time before cloud computing was called cloud, and digital people were called e-commerce people. In 2001 Concert, conked out.

Luckily for Jonathan, he was offered a job in parent company AT&T, where he sheltered in the relative safety of a large telco. Until that too collapsed, at which point Jonathan decided that inhouse IT was a much safer bet. In that time, he worked both as a project manager and infrastructure architect for companies such as Extentia and Coca-Cola Amatil.

With 10 years of I.T under his belt Jonathan took his technology experience into a communications role with Howorth where he helped organisations like Microsoft, Intel and Telstra tell their stories to traditional media. In the meantime he was evangelising about social media, and eventually, he was asked to do it rather than evangelise about it. That’s how he came to work for 360 DI.

Jonathan has developed social media programs and tactics for a wide range of clients such as Microsoft, Intel, IBM, KFC, LG, Tourism NSW and Ford. He has worked extensively on several digital issues and crisis management programs for major international brands and is deeply interested in the new implications social media raises in times of crisis.

Jonathan holds a diploma in marketing and public relations

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