Alessandra Galloni

Alessandra Galloni launched her newspapering career at the Harvard Crimson with stories on Tom Cruise, Student/Faculty dating regulations and the demise of the Harvard’s favorite Keg King.

Since 2006 Galloni has been The Wall Street Journal’s Paris-based Southern Europe Bureau Chief, responsible for leading the paper’s coverage of French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese business, politics and the economy as well as luxury goods and technology industries.

Previously based in Rome, Galloni covered the European luxury sector and Italian business and politics, leading the paper’s coverage of the Parmalat corporate scandal, for which she received an Overseas Press Club award in 2004 and a Business Journalist of the Year award in the U.K. in 2005.

Galloni worked for six years at The Associated Press and Reuters news agencies in Rome and London before joining The Wall Street Journal in 2001 as European advertising and media reporter out of the London bureau.

Born in Rome, Galloni graduated from Harvard University in 1995 and received a Masters at the London School of Economics and Politics in 2002.

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