Social Media: Chinese Love To Engage

My colleagues in OgilvyOne China recently released OgilvyOne Connected, a report that may surprise those not aware of the incredible levels of engagement within China’s Social Media.

The intention was to look at how Chinese consumers use Social Media to interact, both with each other and with brands.

The report assigns percentages to the different ways in which consumers in China interact online.

OgilvyOne’s research found a large number of Chinese social media users are Initiators, with 26% of all Chinese social media users regularly starting conversations, creating content and publishing their opinions online. These users are also a common starting point for new ideas, services and products.

A further 29% of Chinese social media users are “Commenters” — people who may not initiate, but who do react and comment on other people’s views. They are also the “accelerators” of new ideas, giving them momentum and wider acceptance.

The largest group, comprising 45% of social media users, are “Gawkers” — those who quietly browse, observe and look for entertaining ideas and brands that are already popular.

These findings of high engagement in China mirror Forrester Research’s Social Media Technographics from several years ago that found 13% Creators and 19% Critics within Social Media in the US, compared with 40% Creators and 44% Critics in China. (Forrester’s Creators and Critics map roughly to OgilvyOne’s Initiators and Commenters).

OgilvyOne’s Research methodology: From February to April 2010, China Polling administered online, self-completed questionnaires to Chinese social media website across 71 sites in different categories. Over 5,000 people completed the survey, of which, 1,519 were qualified samples (anyone who used social media sites the day before and those who completed the questionnaire in its entirety). Panelists were also drawn from random samplings on 12 major social media websites such as Kaixin, RenRen and others via advertising and from China Polling‟s national panel of 400,000+ participants.

h/t to my colleague at Ogilvy, Jeremy Webb who wrote about this first on our Ogilvy team blog, Asia Digital Map.

OgilvyOne Connected (Original Report)


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