This November the Global Editor’s Network will bring together a great lineup of news editors and speakers from around the world. (Disclosure: I am speaking at the conference, but I am not an organizer.)

Among them are friends like Joi Ito, who now heads of the MIT Media Lab and who launched my blogging career by inviting me to write on his blog, along with Dan Gillmor who always has a fascinating take on the future of journalism. Meredith Artley, who was a colleague at the International Herald Tribune and who is now the vice president of digital at CNN as well as Paul Steiger from Pro Publica, the investigative news startup.

With this great line-up, they keen to find China speakers to talk about the online world, news and journalism. Below is a note written by the organizer, Bertrand Pecquerie.

Do you know the right people to suggest from China? Email Bertrand.


News World Summit (NEWS!) to be held in Hong Kong from 27 to 30 November 2011

My name is Bertrand Pecquerie and I am the CEO of the Global Editors Network gathering editors-in-chief and senior news executives from all platforms (print, broadcast, digital, mobile…). We are 400 members from 50 different countries.
See and our Manifesto:

We are organizing our first major event in Hong Kong from 27 to 30 November and it is called NEWS! for News World Summit. We will be around 400 editors-in-chief from 80 countries and we expect a strong participation from China.

At the moment, my main request is about Chinese speakers: we need very innovative speakers about media convergence, future of journalism and newsrooms’ strategies. Please contact me for sharing ideas, suggestions and I will come back to you asap: bpecquerie AT globaleditorsnetwork DOT org

This year, our motto is “Go East! What to learn from Asian Media”
Our main themes are: Adopt a four-screen strategy (mobile, tablet, PC, ipTV), When your smartphone becomes your newsroom, paywalls and paid-for apps, visual journalism and data journalism.
(programme in Chinese, see the Home Page)

40 Keynotes and speakers (including Thomas) will share their views on why news brands have to rethink media convergence and news cycles:

– Joichi Ito, Director of the Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
– Steve Grove, Head of News, YouTube
– Wadah Khanfar, Director General, Al Jazeera Network
– Meredith Artley, Vice-President, CNN digital
– Per Mikael Jensen, CEO, Metro International
– Paul Steiger, Editor-in-Chief and Founder, ProPublica
– Dan Gillmor, media thinker…

We want to set up the Summit as an exchange between Europe, the Americas, Africa and China and we consider Chinese innovations and best practices are still unknown by editors from around the world, especially regarding mobile news and mobile journalism.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions

Bertrand Pecquerie, CEO

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