Newsrooms, homebase of my former career, have come back into my life.

Rather than the home of cantankerous editors, I now look at newsrooms from the perspective of how brands operate in the world of social. As the barriers to distributing content and creating a media property have dropped, many brands have been keen to create their own publishing operations.

But publishing, many companies discover, is not easy. In addition to the traditional challenges, the nature of publishing itself is changing. Beyond the shift in tools and audience behavior, content and connection, rather than simple reach, have become much more relevant to transforming a business and building a brand today. (They are also more relevant to media companies, but that is for another posting.)

In the rush to create a newsroom, many companies don’t fully consider why they are setting one up and do not know what they are hoping to achieve.

This list is a shorthand compilation of elements I found useful for framing a conversation about whether a company should build out a brand newsroom and what that newsroom should look like.

What is missing?

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