Back in the IHT – as a blogger


Excuse the self-indulgence, but I was thrilled to be back in the International Herald Tribune once again thanks to my Thaksin scoop, less than two years since I left the newspaper.

Instead of the thousand or more bylines I had during my decade-long career as a reporter at the paper, my name appeared this time inside a story.

Amusing to be referred to as “a blogger”. Have I graduated from being a journalist?

Thank you IHT, feels great to be back!

UPDATE DEC 5: Now quoted in the Irish Times and Britain’s Independent regarding my profile of Barack Obama’s half-brother, Mark Ndesandjo. This time I was referred to as a “journalist”.

An American journalist, Thomas Crampton, has been tracking Mr Ndesandjo for
several months and has a section on his blog ( devoted to
getting more information about him.

“He seems like a really interesting guy. He helps out at the orphanage but is
very wary of media coverage. Most of the coverage in the Chinese media comes
from before Obama came to global prominence and he seems like a sincere
guy,” said Mr Crampton.

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  1. excellent!!! see you in Paris when will you be there? Will you have a mobile there?

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