Fintan Blake Kelly explains on video the idea behind DbTwang, a soon-to-be-launched allowing collectors worldwide to track and trade guitars. They are looking for investors.

The Irish Times recently quoted Fintan:

While straight statistics on guitar sales are hard to find in Ireland, we are lucky to have the prospect of one of the few specialist guitar-sales auction websites, which is based in Kilkenny., which is due to launch in late April-early May, is being developed by local entrepreneurs Keith Bohanna and Fintan Blake Kelly and the site will allow guitar collectors worldwide to auction quality guitars.

Blake Kelly points out that modern guitars, namely those made in the past 20 years, are generally of a far lower quality than the classic guitar, but the expansion of interest in guitar ownership is driving a vibrant secondary market in quality guitars.

“The availability of quality guitars is almost entirely due to the internet,” says Blake Kelly. He claims that 20 years ago the main mechanism for accessing a quality Gibson or Fender was through people returning from the US.

“What eBay has done,” he continues, “is create a global information source on these instruments. It’s created a market in quality guitars.” It’s also made it possible to own a variety of instruments, knowing that the capital tied up in them can quickly be returned to cash. In other words, eBay and similar sites have brought liquidity to a new range of cultural objects.

The internet is helping people to find their way into music through informal education. Budding guitarists can fire up the video site YouTube and watch their peers demonstrating a range of songs and styles, replicating the musical peer culture that Blake Kelly says has dropped off in the physical world.

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