Mass iPad Burning in Malaysia

Yesterday across Asia, a number of iPads and iPhones were burned in honor of the dead for the Ching Ming festival. Sold by funeral stores in Malaysia, the paper iPads were burned on graves so that people’s ancestors can enjoy use of the items. More standard items to burn are money and clothing.

The Malaysia Star reported that while real world iPads offer a maximum of 64GB, the iPads sold for burning offer the auspiciously large 888GB. The iPad’s sold for RM9.80 (US$3) and iPhone 4 RM2 (66 US cents).

1- If an ancestor receives the iPad after it is burned, will they know how to use it?
2- What sort of data plan do ancestors get?

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  1. moro123

    As paper money probably not gets transformed to afterlife coins when burned, a paper iPad will probably reach Paradise as a paper iPad too. Entering Paradise, though, will hopefully sweeten the pill for the dead guy.

  2. Marion McDonald

    I reckon the ancestor plan would be 'smokin' hot!'. Maybe also 'out of this world'? and they'd get some 'damn hot apps' too!

  3. Serene Quek

    Someone needs to start 'iTunes for the Dead' and then we can start to sell 'stored-value gift cards'. 😉

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