In addition to trading journalists for a visit from Bill Clinton, Pyongyang has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon.

UPDATE: Turns out that North Korea has been spoofed! (Thanks to the MANY who pointed this out to me, in comments below and on Twitter)

Pyongyang’s Twitter Style:
The DPRK’s preferred preferred Twitter client is Twitterfox and they have set up Tweet feeds with RSS2Twitter. They use hashtags very actively and prefer URL shortener

Tag cloud of topics:

Some of my favorite Tweets:

How well does the George W.’s charter member of the Axis of Evil understand the hottest Web 2.0 property?

Pretty well, according to Twittergrader! Pyongyang gets a 99.3. That said, I don’t see many Re-Tweets or conversations going on.

The growth in number of followers has been quite sharp in recent months, particularly as the Current.TV journalists were imprisoned. (Note to self: Must create international incident to raise number of Twitter followers):

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