Speech in Tokyo at Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan

In Tokyo for a week and speaking at the FCC of Japan on Monday. Please join! Details below and on the FCCJ website. Planning to discuss the below topic, but make it highly interactive, based on what people in the audience want to discuss.

Professional Luncheon
Thomas Crampton
Asia-Pacific Director of 360 Digital Influence, Ogilvy Public Relations

12:30-14:00 Monday, August 30, 2010
(The speech and Q & A will be in English)

Getting Business Results from Social Media : Digital Influence & Asia

How are companies and individuals using social media to communicate, buy, sell and interact in this new digital age? What does a former award- winning journalist turned ‘digital influence’ strategist see as the major changes shaping communications and commerce in Asia?

Thomas Crampton, Asia-Pacific director of 360 Digital Influence for Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, heads a team stretching across 23 cities in 15 Asian territories that helps companies conceive, develop and execute strategies in Social Media.

Find out how the firms and individuals you cover are using social media. He will show how companies ‘listen’ to on-line conversations, plan influencer maps and execute social media engagement. As a former journalist, he is uniquely qualified to talk about how digital influence has changed the way news is made, gathered, shared and disseminated by companies and individuals.

Prior to joining Ogilvy, Crampton spent 18 years as a globetrotting newspaper correspondent, mainly for the International Herald Tribune and The New York Times, reporting from five continents and dozens of countries. He writes a widely read blog, thomascrampton.com, and is a frequent keynote speaker and moderator at high profile conferences around the world, from the World Economic Forum in Davos to Le Web in Paris.

Please reserve in advance, 3211-3161 or http://www.fccj.or.jp (still & TV cameras inclusive). The charge for members/non-members is 1,350/2,300 yen for the sandwich plate (tandoori chicken wrap with cucumber raita,
bean sprouts, coriander, red onion, cashew nuts) and 1,700/2,600 yen for the hot plate (baked grouper with herb crust, lyonnaise potatoes, spinach, baked tomato & herb oil), non-members eligible to attend may pay in cash. Reservations canceled less than one hour in advance for working press members, and 24 hours for all others, will be charged in full. Reservations and cancellations are not complete without confirmation.

Professional Activities Committee

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