Akky Akimoto: Blog anonymously to avoid Sushi

Akky Akimoto, an A-list blogger in Japan and founder of the English-language Asiajin blog, explains in this video why he hides his face with a hat and refuses to release his identity.

Akky and other A-list bloggers in Japan fear retribution if their identities are fully known, though they do share their real identities with one another. Whenever they do group photos, all faces are hidden.

Among other forms of retribution, Akky fears receiving an unwanted deliveries of Sushi to his home.

“There are some prominent face disclosing Japanese bloggers, but many of them live in Silicon Valley or they are retired, so they don’t have to care about employers,” Akky said at the Le Web conference in Paris. Apologies for the Mariachi band that suddenly started playing in the background.

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  1. Ray

    I can fully understand Akky’s concern as that kind of sushi prank was done in my secondary school! A very expensive pizza meal was delivered to a teacher’s home after his address was made public. May be that kind of joke is too common, nowadays in Hong Kong, if you order food by phone, they will call you to reconfirm.

    Merry Christmas, Tom!

  2. this ensures again that Japanese internet users are not willing to expose too much. Read it somewhere else.

  3. “In Japanese society, being unique is not appreciated by many people.”


    But unwanted deliveries?? Hahahaha..

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