Travis Katz: What MySpace offers brands internationally

Recently caught up with Travis Katz, who heads international development for MySpace, to hear about what MySpace offers to brands looking at global campaigns.

Speaking on the sidelines of Le Web, Travis describes in below video what MySpace offers brands looking to grow in international markets.

Main MySpace advantages:

– Large audience
– Immersive and interactive experience
– Single point of contact to execute across multiple markets and languages

Cartier and Intel ran innovative campaigns that described below.

Here’s the details:

MySpace has fast international growth
From 50 million unique visitors in just one country outside the US, MySpace has grown to more than 60 million unique visitors per month in 30 countries.

With varying structures in different markets
Wholly owned entities in India and South Korea. Joint ventures in China and Japan.

Why would a brand get involved with MySpace?
You can reach a massive number of people – 14 percent of the audience worldwide, according to Travis. Each of those visitors is spending an average of 164 minutes per month on MySpace.

What is unique to MySpace?
MySpace not only allows targeting on demographics but also people’s interests. This allows for new kinds of global branding campaigns. Sitting in France, you can plan a campaign running in 20 countries in 20 different languages executed with a single point of contact at MySpace.

Is this only about branding?
You can do branding, but even better is that you can create a customized community to offer an immersive brand experience on MySpace.

MySpace helped semiconductor giant Intel in Europe
We did a campaign for Intel across Europe because they wanted to associate their brand with music: “Intel is the brand that powers music”. We created communities in six countries in Europe.

First attract the musicians with a freebie…
Musicians got involved by Intel saying that any musician who adds Intel as a friend can have 5 rather than 4 songs on their musician profile. This went like wildfire through the music community, with everyone getting really excited and tons of bands signed up.

…inspire the bands to join a competition…
Intel then launched a pan-European Intel supergroup competition where any band could nominate their base player, drummer or guitarist to be part of the supergroup, which would then record a song with Universal Music.

…so bands call on their fans to visit Intel site to vote
So the bands went out to all their fans and said “Hey, we’re entering this competition. Go to the Intel profile and vote for us and support us.”

The results
Intel got more than 6 million views on their MySpace profile page. It is staggering for a semiconductor brand to get 6 million people interacting with them. This is the kind of campaign that can make a difference.

MySpace allowed Cartier to run a multi-market global campaign from Paris
We did a global campaign with Cartier for the launch of their “Love” bracelet that ran in China and Japan as well as the US and UK. Cartier created an exclusive global Cartier community that reflected the brand and got people talking about “What does love mean to you”. They fully ran this immersive global campaign – pulling in artists like Lou Reed and targeting customer in China – from their office in Paris.

MySpace strength: Centralization of execution
For a chief marketing officer sitting in Italy or France planning a global campaign, this means you don’t have to go through the marketing heads in all the countries who have to go through their agencies. It is incredibly hard to do, so brands have shied away from doing global campaigns because execution is really hard. MySpace and other companies are making this much easier for brands to do and we are seeing much more demand for this.

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