Scoble and Ouriel Summarize Le Web

Top bloggers Robert Scoble and Ouriel Ohayon summarize the Le Web conference as we leave in a dark taxi after we have all had a few (too many) drinks.

Among the points raised:
– French have better wine than Californians (Scoble).
– European startup pitches are just as boring as pitches in the US.
– Scoble praised a video face recognition startup.
– Silicon Valley is a state of mind and the entire world has turned into Silicon Valley. Proof: Everyone is on Twitter. Clarification by Ouriel: Not EVERYONE is on Twitter.
– Dopplr is the best web service because it only has A-listers.
– Twitter is not blocked by China’s firewall because the firewall has no friends.
– Ouriel gave a demo of a South Korean gadget called Poken that allows conference attendees to share their contacts easily. It is a link between the physical and online world.

The video ends with a group Poken, so viewer discretion is advised.

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  1. Why did you have to get out that suddenly? The man looked a little pissed off…?!

  2. That was someone getting in the back seat of the van. They ended up getting in through the back door.

    Biggest regret about the video was turning off the camera when I did. Ouriel, Scoble and myself really got into a lively discussion about digital media that lasted the remainder of the trip back to the hotel.

    We enjoyed it so much we decided to start a new conference called Le Taxi, in which participants are paired up and sent around in traffic jams.

  3. Guillaume

    Poken is a Swiss Company, not a Korean one.

  4. Hi Ouriel, Thomas,

    At the end of this movie you both show us the Poken.
    You’re telling the audience this cool gadget is coming from Korea.

    Hey, that isn’t the full truth!

    1) The Poken is coming from Switzerland, not from Korea.

    2) It’s not really a USB Key, it behaves as one but has no actual storage capacity (yet)

    3) It is not holding your profile, it has an unique key, 128bit encrypted and it can store 64 of these keys, so actually, when you hold two Pokens together, it is exchanging this unique key. Through the webservice (not necessarily at the Poken website) these unique keys are identified and you’re going to get hooked up to these digital business cards. From there you can connect to any social network the person is sharing.

    I agree the product would be great on High Schools and Universities, but hey, we’re just starting.

  5. Hi Thomas,
    (this is not for posting, just a personal message)

    Allow me to introduce myself: i am the founder and CEO of Poken, the Swiss company. First of all, I’d like to thank you for posting that fantastically natural video of Ouriel and Scoble pokening. It’s just so entertaining, and the style is refreshing.

    I had a question regarding this video, as I’m not yet too familiar with your other work. Is that you, who is interviewing them? If not, would you mind telling me who that is and how I can contact him?

    Secondly, to thank you for being a proud member of the poken community, I’d like to send you a t-shirt and extra pokens. Can you send me your shirt size and postal address?

    And thirdly, I need to comment on a post by Corné Kox which appears in the thread following the video. Corné is a fan of poken who has taken the initiative to spread poken in his area, and we have welcomed his enthusiasm with our natural open and friendly manners, sharing some information and encouraging him to “spread the word” in the Netherlands. However, Corné is in no way officially linked to Poken S.A., and so I have written to him that I take issue to his signing on behalf of the Poken team. Hopefully he will contact you to correct his post, but in any case I would be very grateful if you could do so as we cannot have external people speaking in our name.

    Again, many thanks for expressing your enthusiasm about our (early stage) product. I hope we will have the chance to meet someday. I would be delighted to host you in Lausanne if you ever come our way! Be tempted by the Swiss Alps…