Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn: In Crisis, Pimp Your Profile

Recently met with the founder of the business-focused social network LinkedIn to discuss how the crisis has affected online social networking and how brands can best interact with such sites. Video below this quick summary.

For those searching for a job, Reid gave a few tips on how to work with social networking sites:

Digital Self-branding: The important thing today is how you brand yourself on the Internet. Its good to be careful not only about how you establish profile but also how you run it on social networks. One of the things we do for you is we actually try to SEO your profile, so that people will Google you. Managing reputational information is that if you have an embarrassing picture it will be hidden because the LinkedIn profile is found first.

Endorsements: You should get some of your friends to recommend you, so you have recommendations there.

Brands and social networks:

At LinkedIn, we use our polling tool to allow people to run market surveys on specifically defined target audiences. When a car company like Mazda advertises and asks which of these characteristics you like the most in a car. From out polling tool, when you click on it, our polling product actually shows them how many people in a region, or how many senior professionals or how many from the Internet industry have said what about their brand.

One of the ways blogging is described is that it is essentially to establish your brand for conversation. Its another way of saying that o.k. I put my brand in a place where people are actually congregating, communicating.

Facebook has these fan pages. They say this is an area they like and this is a soft drink they like. They are treating a brand as another virtual friend.