Gabe Rivera: Why I finally hired a human editor

TechMeme a wildly popular news website which started life as an algorithm, will now use humanoids for editing.

Gabe Rivera, who founded the site in 2005, continually tweaked the algorithm over the years, with headline selection becoming entirely automatic. The site has become one of the most important places to follow news about the Internet and BusinessWeek recently declared Rivera one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet.

In the last week or so, however, Gabe announced that he will reintroduce human involvement in order improve quality of the site.

This is good news for humanoid journalists! (Up to a point.)

As Gabe joked: “I just hired one journalist, so that is one more job. That is, until I scale back.”

More details on the video interview from LeWeb in Paris, where I caught up with Gabe.

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