Sopa TypoCongratulations to the many winners of awards at the SOPA editorial awards tonight.

SOPA honored Asia’s best journalists for their outstanding work.

(Apparently, however, the Society of Publishers in Asia did not seek proofreading help from the Society of Copy Editors in Asia.)

FEER blogged what many writers and editors in the audience must have been thinking: “There but for the grace of God go I.”

The Awards for Editorial Excellence have grown considerably in size and stature in recent years.

I have been involved in judging the awards for more than six years and remember when we had only a few entries from a several countries. Tonight’s awards were handed out at a pace of one per minute for great journalism done in countries across the region.

Keynote speaker Ching Cheong (in photo above), the Straits Times journalist jailed for 1,000 days in China, spoke about the importance of the values held in Hong Kong, particularly in relation to protest and free expression.

Earlier in the day I co-organized a lunch on the Future of Media in Asia that was packed with a very high level audience and included panelists who were wonderfully combative.

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