While a foreign correspondent, I often worked standing up. I find that you remain more alert while vertical, instead of slumping down in a chair. The French newspaper Le Monde famously holds its editorial meetings standing up, which keeps the meeting quicker. Now, I am standing up once again, thanks to a colleague who pointed me to these 138 RMB laptop platforms that you can get from the Chinese e-commerce website Taobao. It is working out really well and allows me to have both a sit-down and stand up desk. An article in The New York Times recently extolled the health benefits of a stand-up desk, while this article compares the dangers of sitting to smoking. I do it mainly for comfort and have not yet invested in an under-the-desk treadmill.

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  1. That's neat. A much cheaper option than having a desk with adjustable height.

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  5. Zac Z

    Thanks for this. I've been looking for a standing up desk solution(in China) and this looks like a good contender!

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