With Cloud computing on everyone’s lips in Taiwan, Computex, Sachin Duggal of Nivio introduces his Nivio Cloud PC – a computer hosted in the cloud.

He aims to change the economics of computers by renting software to subsidize the hardware, while maintaining a quality experience. The beauty of this model, Duggal says, is that you can access your desktop on the go, on any computer in the world.

You rent the latest apps (as well as Windows) from the cloud. (For anyone curious about “The Cloud” it is all about keeping things out in the Internet rather than based in your computer.)

The price? Duggal gives an example from India where the box and all the basic services will cost you US$75 for the box and US$20 a month for Windows, cost of broadband and online storage.

Duggal promises all your data is kept safe, even if you fail to pay your fees. But you might experience a lockout if you go beyond your paid limit.

But this model will not only benefit the consumer; Duggal sees a brighter future for all ecosystem partners:

– The software companies are facing huge problems with piracy and the cheap new model could help that.
– Nivio will not produce the hardware themselves, but license it out to external hardware companies.
– Telecom operators will benefit as everything is hosted in the cloud.

This system – and the cloud – has interesting implications for apps. If apps are stored on the cloud, would you buy or download them? Easier to rent them.

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