David Sifry's 30,000 Offbeat Guides


David Sifry, serial entrepreneur and founder of blog search service Technorati, flew to Stockholm for this interview about Offbeat Guides. David’s newly launched personalized guide books are a new concept in publishing, where books are printed on demand to match a traveler’s exact itinerary and dates.

Combining proprietary information and information from the Internet, Offbeat Guides cover 30,000 destinations around the world.

Since each guide is unique, this start-up could make David the most prolific author in history.

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  1. Philip Cornwel-Smith

    Hey Tom, as a guidebook writer I’m always interested to see where my living is headed. This resembles the photocopies of chapters of different guides I took on my first trip to Asia. Long overdue and a great idea.

    I’m also in the process of rethinking the guidebook in my next book on Bangkok. I’ll let you know more when I’m finished, which will be a few months’ time.

    When are you next in Bkk Tom? Of course, you’ll have to swim, drive or parachute in…

  2. I like this guide idea it’s very useful and cost effective instead of buying books where most of the information is not relevant to your trip