Congrats to Dopplr on the New Round

Dopplr, an online service that helps frequent traveling friends meet one another, just announced a second financing round.

Those joining include Esther Dyson, Tyler Brûlé, Thomas Glocer, Yat Siu, Aditya dev Sood, Lars Hinrichs, Joshua Schachter, Brian Behlendorf, Ami Hasan, Daniel Sachs, Joshua Cooper Ramo, Kim Weckström, and Azeem Azhar. Saul Klein, who invested in the second round, also invested in the previous round together with Martin Varsavsky, Reid Hoffman and Joichi Ito.

The founders and many of the investors are good friends of mine, but believe me when I say that Dopplr is a great and focused online community.

It is the one online service where I only connect to people with whom I really am friends. Congrats to Matt, Matt, Lisa, Dan and Marko!

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  1. Ray

    Congrats! I remember when I promoted Dopplr to my friends who need to travel frequently, they all said that it’s cool and useful!

  2. So it’s backed by Tyler Brûlé? That’s like getting an endorsement from Dieter, host of Sprockets….