A video podcast with Loic in which we try to define a new generation who lives without the same connections and links of the previous generation.

Loic summarized:

We feel there is a new generation all around the World, a generation of people who feel more as citizens of the World than their own Country. We felt like trying to describe this generation’s values and called it “the moving circus”, a name Yossi Vardi originally used while we were talking about the fact that we keep seeing each other in all kinds of different events around the World, same cool people, same values, different places.

We tried to define the values of that “moving circus” culture:
-no office
-no boss (self employed)
-no Country (world citizen)
-no race (does not matter)
-no diploma (who cares)
-no smoking (has been)
-no hierarchy (OK, not much hierarchy)
-no political party (!!!, we care more about people than parties)
-no tie, no suit: casual all the time
-no monopoly, no center, everything decentralized
-no religion (not has important as it was before)
-no mariage (not needed to live together)
-in sync: no email, no phone, just IM, twitter, social software…
-no off-line: everything online, Gmail Google apps rather than MS Office
-no distance: it does not matter where you are
-no mass media: they are here but do not matter as much as before
-no fear of embarrassment or of failure: the “always beta” culture
-icons: Hans Rosling, Sergey Brin, Lary Page
-book: The World if Flat from Thomas Friedman
-entrepreneurial or self employed
-ideas over systems
-sharing ideas instead of keeping them secret (authority and power change from people protecting information to people sharing it)
-ethics: environment, …
-global citizen

There’s some reaction on Loic’s blog.

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  1. Synolda Butler

    I like the idea of “moving circus” culture.

    Good citizens (if that is what you are) should have political involvement both local and global otherwise why bother with having opinions about the enviroment etc.

    Who are Hans Rosling, Sergey Brin, Lary Page?

  2. You forgive the idea that there is no age on the Internet :).

  3. the topics you have brought are, what i believe, will eventually take down our perfect society. my main point is that, although unstoppable, we can still bring down as much as we can with it.

  4. The “no country” and “no political party” must be the reasons why Loic is heavily engaged in Nicolas Sarkozy’s bid for French president…