Introducing Asia’s 5th Largest Nation: Facebook

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  2. balaji atluri

    India map is not correct, the north east portion is missing, serious error

  3. great Stats ! keep up the good work

  4. Interesting way of getting a sense of just how much Facebook has penetrated the region. It is no wonder people are calling it the next Consumer Internet.

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  6. Sameer

    Why do Indians always obsess about this? No one's giving away land through an image in a blog post.

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  8. Somaz Skander

    because when thieves steal what is yours you have to complain … esp when the thieves deal stolen  property within themselves  – Indian Map is wrong – illegally occupied territories do not belong to the occupier

  9. sffunfunfunfun

    You're emphasizing my point. No one is occupying land through a blog post. There are serious problems in the world, hundreds of millions of people starving and oppressed, diseases like TB and polio that still affect those who are poor and have no voice. Get off the Internet and go do something about that, rather than complaining about this childish nonsense.

  10. Salehin

    Hi, You didn't consider Bangladesh, has over 150 mil people

  11. Absolutely wonderful article. I wonder what will ever become of mankind. Seems like that quick and resourceful will outlive all of our smart people 🙂 and thanks for posted!

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    I really thanks for this post. This is good for those who don’t know about the facebook Internet market.

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