Video: Barack Obama's half-brother in China

Below video report shows Mark Ndesandjo, half-brother of Barack Obama who lives in Shenzhen, China. Ndesandjo runs an Internet company that helps Chinese companies develop better websites to export and volunteers his time teaching music at an orphanage. His Mandarin sounds pretty good in the video and he appears to be practicing his Chinese calligraphy.

For more information, I have been compiling a profile of Mark Ndesandjo from Internet sources.

I have also been trying to get in touch with Ndesandjo. I share his interest in using music to help children at an orphanage. (His interest in the orphanage seems fully sincere and not at all political. Chinese-language media reports on him playing piano in the orphanage long precede Obama’s rise to global prominence.) For my part, I have been working a range of programs at the Po Leung Kuk orphanage in Hong Kong for seven years that are supported by the super fun Foreign Correspondents Club Charity Ball. If anyone knows Mark, please ask him to get in touch!

Enjoy the video.

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